Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea Taste Test

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I received sample of Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea from Influenster complimentary in my Frosty Voxbox. I was very excited to get this as I am getting into Green teas lately as my new healthy obsession in 2015 and never tried a flavor variety of green tea. I was not disappointed at all plus this one is decaf. The sample came with 2 tea bags. When I opened bag I was greeted with fresh aroma of peppermint which just went so well with name “Holiday Tea” on tea bag. After making a hot cup below are my thoughts on smell, taste and look of it.

Smell – Aroma of peppermint is quite strong which works well for me as I like pumpkin, peppermint all kinds of holiday flavors.

Taste – It was very delicious even without sweetener. The mix of peppermint with cinnamon and vanilla made for perfect flavor to drink this holiday. If you like you can add sweetener too. Refreshing and very minty!

Look – The color of green tea came out stronger than other I have used so far. I thought it would make it bitter but minty flavor was blended perfectly with other spices.

I am in love with this green tea. Perfect for me to spice up my drinks and add variety in life. Plain green tea can get boring to drink after a while. I will definitely be checking out more flavors in stores.

If you have tried this green tea or any other flavor from Celestial please comment below and share your thoughts.


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