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Thanks to Barilla and Bzzagent I got full sized pasta to try along with Pink peppercorns and grinder, coupons to share with family and friends. If you are not a Bzzagent then join today, I get to try cool products, for free, and even get coupons and special offers to share with friends. Then I make my voice heard by sharing my honest opinions about the great stuff I try with others, including some of the largest companies in the world. This review of my recipe I created with my Bzzkit and ingredients from my kitchen!


1 box Barilla Collezione Casarecce Pasta
1 jar of Barilla’s Spicy Marinara Sauce
1/2 lbs. chicken breast
Sliced Mushroom (8-10 large) or broccoli (5-6 small)
Parmesan Cheese- toppings
Pink Peppercorn- optional
Salt and Pepper- to taste
1.) Marinate chicken with olive oil, thyme, pepper, red chilli and any seasoning you like. Keep aside for 30 minutes. Grill Chicken in oven with broil option or pre heat oven to 370 F and bake till cooked.
2.)  Cook the pasta according to the package instructions. 9-10 minutes is perfect  where the pasta is cooked through but not mushy. Add salt to water and keep stirring continuously to avoid pieces clump together. Drain the cooked pasta and set aside once cooked.
3.) In separate pan, brown the mushrooms until it cooked through. Drain excess oil and put it back on the pan. Add the barilla sauce about 3/4 of the jar depend on how much sauce you want for your pasta. Add more if you need to:)
3.) Simmer the sauce. Add pasta, mushroom, broccoli and chicken and mix it all well together. Cook for few minutes and then switch off flame.
4.) Add the Parmesan cheese on top! Crushed pepper (Pink peppercorn if you want to try somtehing different tastes good) Enjoy!!
 Disclosure: I received Barilla Collezione Pasta  for free courtesy from Barilla and Bzzagent. My opinion and experience is 100 percent mine. #Bzzagent #GotItFree

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